Time was the Blacksmith’s Guild made a fortune in outfitting the armies of the Century Wars. But then, that was years past, and they were hit hard in the aftermath. A lot came out of the unification of the Empire of the Free Cities, but one of the sanctions which doesn’t get talked about? A law limiting the sale of weaponry by the Blacksmith’s Guild to an exclusive contract. 

And who can they sell weapons to under this law? That’s it, you guessed it. The other Guilds, and not a soul else.

Sounds unfair, doesn’t it? It should! Came directly from the other Guilds, when they saw how rich the Smithy’s were getting. 

You’ve probably never seen their like. No captain, oh no... instead, they invite Masters from all over to come and play for the Guild. The actual captain for each game is chosen behind the scenes. Makes for a varied playstyle, that’s for sure. Clever way of keeping your opponents guessing, I reckon. But I don’t know that it’s not their worst enemy too. Must be hard to figure out a game plan when you have no idea who your captain will be...

- Tapper, Brewer’s Guild Team Captain

History of the

Blacksmith's Guild

Blacksmith Playstyle

The Blacksmiths are an enigma. Where every other team has a set Captain and an adorable mascot, the Blacksmiths are more egalitarian, being split evenly between Masters and their Apprentices. Any of the Masters can take charge as Captain for any game, leading to an incredibly varied playstyle.

The Masters are all kitted out in heavy armour, making them extremely tough and good at holding the line. However, their more fragile Apprentices are the real go getters of the team, being variously exceptional at scoring goals or taking enemy players out, but are much more vulnerable to enemy attacks.

The Blacksmiths are all about bringing the right tools for the right job and choosing the exact moment to strike! They can stack an enormous amount of buffs onto any single model, easily replicating the effect of a captain in other teams. The trade off, however, is that this takes time to set up, meaning they’re more vulnerable in the early half of each turn, but get stronger the turn goes on.

The Blacksmiths are a Guild for coaches who like a deliberate, varied playstyle, with the ability to adapt to any situation.


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