Ah, so you want to know more about our allies? I’m surprised you don’t already. Granted, they move in high circles, preparing banquets for those with fuller purses than you or I, but we’ve had close ties to the Cook’s Guild for longer than anyone can rightly remember. Theirs isn’t a new Guild, lad, not by any stretch of the imagination.

I’ve known Wellington for years, ever since the war. He’s an unforgiving bastard with a spiteful tongue, I won’t argue that – but if you knew him as I do, you’d see that’s just his way of things. He’s a good man, devoted to his people. A crew like his is as much a tight knit family as we had once, before... well, like we used to have. 

Why their sudden interest in the game? Well, it’s true the Cook’s Guild doesn’t usually much care to field a team, but the Master Chef has taken to the pitch at my behest. Call it a favour between old soldiers. I see the next question coming – better you don’t ask it, lad. My patience is wearing thin. Time for you to piss off now, and keep your teeth all straight inside that loose trap of yours.

—Ox, Butcher’s Guild

History of the

Cook's Guild

Cook Playstyle

The Cooks are a Minor Guild tied to the Butcher’s Guild by bonds of bloody brotherhood. As a Minor Guild, some of their players can crossover and play for the Butchers too. The Cooks playstyle is one of friendly buff effects, speed, and damage. They lack many of the passive supportive abilities that other Guilds have, but instead can apply supportive auras onto any model. This means they can adapt to the changing circumstances on the pitch much more easily.

They also have a huge number of damaging options available, with one of the highest damage outputs of any Guild. They’re also faster than many of the other damage dealing teams, with a terrifying turn of speed. They’re the quintessential ‘glass cannon’ Guild, focused around speed and aggression. Their method of control is killing the enemy models before they can get hit back!

The Cooks are strong in the early game when they can pick their targets and remove them from the pitch, but if the enemy can mount a strong counter attack, they can suddenly be in a spot of hot water!

The Cooks are a Guild for coaches who want to get right up in their opponent’s face and cut them down to size!


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