You ever hear of the Farmer’s Guild, lad? How about their Guild Ball team? Didn’t think so. Even an old veteran like me would struggle to remember much about them. They can usually be found slumming it against the likes of the Entertainer’s Guild or the Fool’s Guild, and I think that company speaks for itself. 

I don’t know what the bigger mystery is with this crew - how they managed to find themselves a sponsor to get here, or why they attracted the eye of the First Lady. Regardless, I don’t think this season is going to be too pretty for them. I wouldn’t be surprised if neither sticks around too long.

Honour used to do wonders out there on the pitch, and I imagine she can bring just as much to a team from the sideline too – but even the First Lady needs some hint of natural talent to work with. I doubt they’ve got much of that. They’re mostly just a bunch of backwards country bumpkins.

Still, best of luck to them, and the First Lady too. I suspect that they’ll need it, alright. 

 - Mallet, Mason’s Guild       

History of the

Farmer's Guild

Farmer Playstyle

The Farmer’s Guild is a team of ragtag misfits welded together by their coach, Honour. They’re a story of rags to riches, the underdogs in a world where the big dogs are very big indeed.

The Farmers rely on their unique harvest markers, placed by their Planters. These rich, nutritious harvest markers can be used by the Reapers of the team to gain powerful bonuses and effects! The team can also use them to get extra influence, giving them a powerful resource that no other team has access to.

The Farmers are strong takeout focused team, with access to plenty of team support and buffing abilities to keep them in the fight. They have extremely reliable low to midrange damage, but their damage doesn’t scale quite as well as teams like the Butchers, making them very reliable overall but meaning they don’t gain as much if their dice run hot. They’re generally not particularly good at handling the ball, but they can absolutely score goals if they need to. They’re strong in the late game, as their high health pools, reliability, and easy momentum generation allows them to keep ploughing their furrow when other guilds start to run out of steam.

The Farmer’s Guild are for coaches who want plenty of team support abilities and very reliable damage. They’re also a guild for anyone who likes playing the good guys!


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