The Fisherman’s Guild is not a new guild and their team has been around for years in the lower divisions. They just never seemed to have a great game, you know? You ask anyone in the know about Guild Ball whether they ever heard of them back in the day and I can already tell you they’re going to say no. Then one day, the Fisherman’s Guild has a real revival in fortunes. Something to do with the nobles suddenly developing a taste for sea food and some shady deal with another guild. All I know is that that suddenly they have guild houses springing up in every city that doesn’t already have one and that everyone is going on about them.

And then the team got better. A lot better. Like crazy better. Beating the Butchers, the Morticians, the Alchemists and the Messengers; all of the big boys. Had to get better, once the guild got bigger, or it wouldn’t sit right, you know? Whole bunch of new players, new sponsorship, new gear, new playbook. Suddenly, they’re a name on the street, with a big following. People screaming at the top of their voices when they play, flocking to the grounds. Yeah, they became the team to beat overnight. Everyone knows who they are now. Pictures of them all over, they’re a real big item.

But damn, they can play. If you’re good enough to be on the team, then you’re doing well. No dead weight there. They’re the best right now for a reason. They’ve never had a better line up in their entire history than they have at the moment. Yeah, I know that they’re new considering how long some of the other guilds teams have been in the limelight, but that don’t stop it being the truth none, does it? Ain’t no other team that can catch ‘em and until someone seriously gets their game on, the Fisherman’s Guild are going to keep winning.

- Flint, Mason’s Guild Team Vice Captain

History of the

Fisherman's Guild

Fisherman Playstyle

The Fishermen’s play style is all about movement and raw goal-scoring potential. They are dominant in the early game and can easily draw one or two goals ahead very quickly. However, mid to late game they need to be wary; their players tend to be fragile and can go down very easily.

The Fish excel at movement and kicking the ball - they are practically all about offensive goal scoring plays. Their combo play revolves around positioning, movement, and exploitation of space.

Whilst not well equipped with raw damage soaking defence, they instead have far subtler defensive options that focus much more on space control.

The Fishermen are a team for high tempo coaches who love scoring goals, and who want a team of swift, agile players to do it with!


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